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Dangerous goods warehouse dedicated JOESCO Bastion
2017-03-06 17:23:37

1. What is JOESCO Bastion?

JOESCO Bastion is also called JOESCO fortress is modern metal mesh used for flood control and military fortifications.Is made up of a foldable wire containers and heavy of geotextile and become, it is used as a temporary or permanent barriers, or in the fortress to block or attack of small arms.

2. JOESCO Bastion of advantage is what?

JOESCO Bastion is currently used in many military organizations including the American troops, the United States Marine corps combat, the U.S. air force, NATO and the UN, and has been used to protect all over the world, many countries including Afghanistan, bosnia, kosovo, Iraq, yemen, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Jordan, the united Arab emirates (uae)

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