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How to deal with floods
2017-04-10 17:10:23

1.Seam wall, rammed-earth house housing or mud brick houses, can only make a temporary shelter, because the water bubble, they are in danger of collapse at any time.

2. When the flood came quickly, and the waters have come in, to climb up the roof, wall, or nearby of the big tree, temporary shelter, waiting for rescue personnel transfer.Swimming can't single transfer.

3. The flood came, and in accordance with the planned route, shelter, pay attention to, could help each other.Transfer if the flood comes too fast, can't walk, you want to use the prepared beforehand ships or door, wooden bed, such as floats, do water transfer tools.

4. If there were no trees, walls, roof and couldn't climb up, now should seize fixture, and help others to deliver of danger.

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