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How to design the JOESCO Bastion
2017-03-08 15:21:37

1, JOESCO Bastion body should use non burning materials, and should not be as the main wall, its fireproof limit should not be less than 4 h.

2, JOESCO Bastion of reinforcement can be used brick wall.When adjacent room more production personnel or equipment is expensive, appropriate USES cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall.

3, reinforced brick wall thickness should be determined by the structure calculation, but should not be less than 240 mm, brick strength should not be lower than MU7.5, mortar strength should not be less than 5 M.

Structure reinforcement: every 500 mm along the direction of wall body is high configuration 3 Φ 6-10 long horizontal reinforcing steel bar, its both ends shall be or bent frame column with reinforced concrete frame to buried steel dowel binding or welding.When the brick wall length, height more than 6 m, should be reinforced concrete columns and beams, and according to the structure reinforcement.Concrete strength grade should not be lower than C15, port should be connected to the roof beam and box, bent frame column;Reinforced concrete blast wall thickness should be not less than 180 mm, the concrete strength grade should not be less than C20, reinforced area determined by structural calculation;Should not be JOESCO Bastion in the opening hole.When the process piping, cable, etc must be through the holes should not be greater than Φ 200 mm hole around should configure reinforcing steel bar, holes should be sealed tightly.

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