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Joesco Barrier Fill material requirements
2017-03-27 17:03:16

One of the main advantages of JOESCO bastion units is its ability to be filled with almost any fill material. Only large rocks and clumps of earth should not be used. 

For hastily required defensive positions almost any locally won fill material will suffice. The only material that should be avoided is that which contains large lumps that may create voids or damage the cells during the filling operation. Large pieces of material may also become dangerous pieces of shrapnel. Avoid organic material if possible but it is realized that in some tactical situations this may not be possible as it may be the only material available.

The users of a particular fill material is going to dependent on one or more of the following: the type of material available;the length of time the structure is likely to be employed;the perceived threat;the handling equipment available

If during the planning of the structure it is believed that it is to be in place for a time exceeding 6 months it is essential that a material with good construction characteristics is chosen. Well graded sand with low tines content, or crushed rock is ideal for long term structures.

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