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Joesco Barrier Structure
2017-03-07 17:02:04

JOESCO barrier were used to protect property in danger of being destroyed by storms and flooding.Our JOESCO barrier is different from normal gabion box.It can load rocks,sand,soil,earth or construction rubbish.It’s widely used in flood defense,storm defense,levee elevation,levee repairs,wetland restoration and so on.

Similar to beehive,Joesco barrier is comprised of external welded gabion and interior fabric liner.Its content includes soil,sand or little stone.The line would be yellow,grass green or other colors which blends well with the surroundings.

Unlike common woven or welded gabions filled with stones only,Joesco barrier can be filled with soil,sand or gravel.This means raw material are very easy to get,especially suitable for the coastal area where is abundant in sand.Usually,front end loader is employed to fill the container.

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