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Military Bastion is like "the wall"
2013-05-09 15:17:54

Re walking in the streets of Baghdad, a wall of thick, towering Military Bastion make this city look messy, plus the ubiquitous checkpoints, barbed wire, and infantry fighting vehicles, to remind people, the war did not stay away from this country.

In order to resist the bombings, the U.S. military and the Iraqi government in Baghdad has built a large number of QIAOSHI Bastion. The QIAOSHI Bastion of reinforced concrete caused most of the three or four meters high, about 40 cm thick. In addition to the "Green Zone" and surrounded by government departments, blast walls in Baghdad residential areas abound, often surrounded by a large blocks relatively closed "Villages".

Before the war, Shiites and Sunnis, although generally partition live, but not the boundaries between distinct factions mixed a lot of places. But after the war with the intensification of sectarian division, the two factions "separated" the boundaries of more and more obvious, "Prison" Military Bastion and the side of the road played a role in fueling. Iraqis say Baghdad QIAOSHI Bastion more and more like a "wall" here is like another Gaza.

Baghdad street area is generally only one intersection for vehicular access, tends to have a checkpoint at the entrance, guarded by heavily armed Iraqi soldiers or police. Baghdad residents generally are stated as a safety measure, the the live blocks special documents, security forces often only allow residents living in the neighborhood or acquaintances of personnel and vehicles to enter. In this case, there have been two factions of the Muslim rift on the other side of the block more shunned.

Source: xinhua

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