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The airport is surrounded Military Barrier, checkpoints
2013-05-09 15:05:15


Out of the airport, I did not see a lively crowd of the pick-up, this is because the Baghdad International Airport may be the world's only social vehicles is not allowed to enter the airport. The Iraqi Government is worried that terrorists would use a car bomb attack at the airport, take special security measures. In addition to the licensed vehicles, the car can not be moved into the airport pick.

  Take your luggage, we must first take the free bus checkpoint a few kilometers away, where to take a taxi or other vehicles to leave.

  Bus ride away from the airport, I found a huge airport parking empty, overgrown with weeds. In fact, the entire airport within a radius of a few kilometers Military Bastion, checkpoints surrounded addition to prevent car bomb attacks, but also to guard against terrorists using shoulder-fired missile attack aircraft taking off and landing.

  The early stage of the war in Iraq, the Xinhua News Agency reporters stationed in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, is the only Chinese media based in Iraq during the war. The following text is to some reporters that war and the war-torn ravaged the country's deep feelings.

  Zhang Ning: 2011-2013 in Baghdad bureau

"Democracy is the uninterruptible power supply"

There is no getting better, also did not become worse.

Americans had claimed in the construction of a model of democracy and freedom in the Middle East, but Iraqis will mouth a write to tell you: "democracy is the uninterruptible power supply."

Security threats, official corruption, and not as a tortured Iraqis everyday life. Even in the capital, the the municipal supply a daily average of just sixty-seven hours. The various models of generators is almost essential thing of all public and private places.

Perennial accustomed to hear the the generator roar, I now in Beijing rings quiet night can not sleep every night insomnia.

In the other corner of the world, people are efforts to defend their own higher-level demands. In Iraq, people need the right addition to not killing, work, food, 24 hours a day uninterrupted power supply. This is most needed here "democracy and freedom".

Yan Jun Yan: 2006-2007 in Baghdad bureau

Battlefield diary more than 700 "

2006 to 2007, a Chinese embassy friends live with me and Tigris River Mansour Hotel, recorded with the painting "positive" way to hear, see and even experienced explosions and gun battles frequency. Stay in my memory, he handed over to his successor Battlefield diary, densely written more than 700 "positive" word.

My memory from the court to the gallows former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, once panic-stricken at the news conference heard an explosion UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, throwing a shoe flash turn maneuvers look innocent when U.S. President George W Bush in the U.S. under the watchful eye of heavily armed Iraqi boy playing ......

Li Ji Zhi: 2003-2005 in Baghdad bureau

Build from the beard, surrounded turban, dressed as locals

Was sent to Iraq when the war is still started.

Along the "road of death", sailed from Amman to Baghdad. We evening departure, arrive early in the morning. This is the the scattered armed least active period.

That night I did not sleep a wink. Shao Jie, chief reporter sat in the front row, did not sleep a wink. Driver Jordan young man whispered chat, has been using a mobile phone, such as call his girlfriend. In addition, the jolt only sound.

Passing the "capital" of the resistance in Fallujah, I saw American soldiers in the Iraqis to open the store to buy things. However, this leisurely scene was soon replaced by panic and terror.

Many armed groups raised the banner of anti-American, "beheading" video spread on the network. American soldiers hid in the Iraqi military and police behind him, and then later, simply to stay in the barracks do not come out. On the streets, they spend huge amounts of money to train and equip Iraqi security forces.

The militants not catch U.S. soldiers, began to grasp the foreigners. Westerners, Asians ... who can find an excuse, armed personnel are "anti-American" hostage on the ground, as a fund-raising chips.

We originally posted in the body striking English identity "China Press" (media), intended to tell the U.S. military do not punch opened fire on us; Later, paste the Arabic identity, to remind all kinds of armed personnel, "China did not send troops, do not task We are. " Later on, we identify the full tear, grown a long hair, build from the beard, surrounded headscarf, dressed as locals. This move so that, especially out of the city interviewed several times at checkpoints fool militants.

Source: the zhengzhou evening news

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