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The role of JOESCO bastion
2017-02-25 16:44:50

Now new explosion-proof wall USES is layer upon layer structure of the group and, middle layer of the explosion-proof wall USES is fiber cement board, the surface structure of galvanized steel plate, the surface has a certain space between steel plate, and then play the round hole on the panel, when punching the hole of the steel plate type serrated, then until the middle of the fiber cement layer, then use stress pressure.

JOESCO bastion can effectively reduce the terrorist bombings of shock wave and debris damage, and the low cost of production (construct), set up fast, is one of the important measures of counter-terrorism explosion-proof important buildings.

Because there is a thick layer of steel plate, so when accidents explosion can can enhance the impact resistance of metope.Explosion-proof wall system structure is flexible, USES a cellular structure, can very good and other steel structure are connected, when construction, only need to punch, don't need other complex process, simple and convenient operation, the surface is galvanized steel material, can enhance the impact resistance.

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